Crack Cocaine and Meth Seized from Madisonville Home, Child Inside

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Breaking overnight, police busted up a drug operation in Madisonville when they were executing a theft search warrant at a home. Investigators arrested 4 people.

A little before 1 a.m. Wednesday police raided a home in the 500 block of North Wilson Street. Police got a theft warrant after two flat screen TVs were stolen from a Madisonville home on November 26th; and police received a tip that the electronics were inside. As soon as authorities walked in -- they say they found exactly what they were looking for -- and much more.

"We recovered the two stolen TV's; we recovered a semi-automatic 9mm pistol reported stolen out of Leon County and an array of drugs,” said Madisonville Police Chief Chuck May.

Investigators say they confiscated Crack Cocaine, Crystal Meth, K2 and Marijuana.

Among the narcotics found, authorities say they discovered nearly $5,000 cash and a loaded gun inside a sleeping five-year-old child's room.

"It's dangerous for any child,” said May.

Justin Whaley, Jeremy Shaffer, Tiara Morning and Markita Garrett were arrested.

“It never fails, it seems like we always have a child or multiple children on every search warrant we execute,” said Chief May. “It’s a dangerous situation and these kids grow up around this stuff and who knows what the long term affects are.

Police say the house has been under the radar for the possibility of drug trafficking -- and Chief May says he's grateful the drugs are off the street and a child is now in a much safer environment.

Justin Whaley, Jeremy Shaffer and Tiara Morning were charged with three counts of manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance; engaging in organized crime, theft of a firearm and abandoning and endangering a child. Markita Garrett was charged with failure to identify.