Crepe Myrtle Caper: Who Cut Trees In Northgate?

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COLLEGE STATION - Who cut the beautiful flowering crepe myrtle trees at a Northgate business in College Station?

They were trimmed back so much that one expert says they're permanently damaged.

Now police are investigating.

A crepe myrtle caper is brewing in Northgate.

"The trees have been there maybe 20 years and no one's ever touched them before," said Leon Bradway, a College Station business owner and Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Sometime during the day Monday someone trimmed a row of crepe myrtle trees without permission from the property seller or owner.

Leon Bradway and his wife Lisa own the Northgate Juice Joint and were devastated to see the trees be severely trimmed as they prepare to open their smoothie spot in September.

"On Sunday I was there cleaning up everything was there like the trees should be and then on Monday we, Lisa my wife who is the primary owner drove by and noticed that the trees were sitting on the sidewalk... She said, 'Someone cut all our trees down,' and I said, 'Wow I can't believe someone would do that. It must be a mistake,'" he said.

What's left of these massive crepe myrtles is sitting here on University Drive and the Bradways think it was probably an accident but they'd still like to know who made their trees go timber.

We shared the pictures with a local arborist who tells us the trees will likely bloom and grow again but this "topping" as the practice is called, permanently damages the tree's original structure. One of the trees was separately damaged on the 15th as well.

Police are investigating both incidents now.

"There's just these big nubs sticking out but whoever did it, it wasn't a precedence of hiding anything," said Bradway.

So far we know it wasn't any College Station city department, TxDOT or Suddenlink doing the cutting, as they still try to solve this crepe murder.

College Station is disposing of the debris at no charge.

Police tell us if there was malicious intent, the person responsible could face charges for property damages and criminal mischief.