DPS: Check Finds Washington County Sex Offenders Non-Compliant

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Three convicted sex offenders were arrested Wednesday in Washington County as part of a D.P.S. check for failing to comply with offender registration requirements.

Investigators say Pete Martinez, Kasey Burton, and Michael Walker were all found to be non-compliant with state sex offender registration laws. All three were charged with a felony of failure to comply. Brenham Police and Washington County Sheriff's Deputies helped in making the arrests. A fourth person, Freddie Franklin Jr. was arrested on a similar charge, but additional charges were filed because DPS officers say he was unwilling to cooperate with law enforcement. Franklin Jr. been charged with resisting arrest.

Those conducting the investigation say the check was performed on January 25th. Franklin Jr. was arrested on that date. Martinez, Burton, and Walker were all arrested on Feb. 5th.