DPS: Play it Safe When Snapping Wildflower Pictures

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BRYAN, Texas Wildflowers in the Brazos Valley draw both amateur and professional photographers from all over, but not every pretty patch of flowers makes for a good photo shoot.

Shannon Morton with Shannon Morton Newborn Portraiture has been taking pictures in the Brazos Valley for years. She knows a thing or two about making her tiny clients smile, and how to keep them safe.

"You have to be careful," said Morton. "You have to be really conscientiousness about safety."

Morton said the first thing she looks for when scouting a location is a safe spot to pull over.

"I don't like to be on the side of the highway. I always look for a spot where people can pull in and park," said Morton.

Department of Public Safety Trooper Jimmy Morgan said if you do park along a highway, play it safe.

"Find a safe spot, where you can safely pull off the highway, off the main lanes of traffic," said Morgan. "You can go out into the country, use an FM road or an area where there's very little traffic."

Once you find a good spot, Morton suggests you scan the area closely for hidden dangers.

"When I'm out in the field, I make sure there are no ant piles or snakes slithering around, or something like that," said Morton.

Make sure the area your shooting in has a good background as well. And the timing of your shoot could make a world of difference in the final quality.

"Plan to go either first thing in the morning, about an hour after sunrise, or about an hour before sunset, because the lighting will be the prettiest," said Morton.

Morton suggests picking a spot that's not too crowded and as far away from the road as possible.