DWI Arrests Up, Police Expect More Over Holiday Weekend

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Impaired driving continues to be one of the most deadly and harmful crimes in the United States. Here locally, the number of drunk driving-related arrests have increased. With game day weekend and Labor Day celebrations right around the corner, police are urging driver safety.

It's not a day or night issue...

"National surveys have stated that one in every four drivers after midnight is intoxicated,” said Bryan Police Detective Chris Moutray.

Bryan Police Detective Chris Moutray says it's 24/7; and with a game day and holiday weekend fast approaching -- police are only expecting DWI arrests to rise.

Moutray says 175 drunk drivers were arrested in Bryan in 2012; 2013 is only halfway through and Bryan Police say last year's numbers have already been surpassed -- so far totaling 181 DWI arrests.

“We've still got 3 more months left in the year and we've already increased our arrests by 15,” said Moutray.

From January to August 29th last year College Station Police arrested 345 drunk drivers. From January to August 29th CSPD arrested 309 for DWI -- and police expect that number only to increase. 68 DWI's were issued by Texas A&M Police in 2012; and from January 1st of this year, so far, police have arrested 59.

Last week, Byron Antonio Sic-Tzunum, was arrested after he drove his car into a women's yard in College Station and passed out behind the wheel. According to the police report, his six year old daughter couldn't wake him up and was found walking down the street. When police and emergency responders arrived, they found a six month old un-restrained in the back seat of his car.

"A drunk driver, no matter a .08 or a 0.3; they're a danger to themselves and to everyone else on the road,” Moutray said.