Deaf Toddler Gets Gift of Sound for 2nd Birthday

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For the first time in Brazos Valley history, doctors with the College Station Medical Center have performed Cochlear Implant Surgeries on two deaf children from Brenham in hopes of restoring their hearing.

Before now, parents of hearing impaired children had to go to out of town to get the procedure.

Cadyn Beard, 1 year old, was the second child to have the surgery in the Brazos Valley. The first surgery was done earlier that same day at the Med.

“Most people tell me, "What? He's deaf? I would have never known it,” said Krista Beard, Cadyn’s mother.

Krista Beard and her husband say they didn't know Cadyn was deaf until about a year ago. After doing sound tests at home, Krista says she took Cadyn to get an Auditory Brain Response (ABR) test at the hospital

“He could only hear the sound of a jet plane right next to his head. That was the only thing he responded to at all,” said Krista.

The Beards have started learning sign language to help Cadyn communicate, but with his second birthday just a few weeks away, his parents have arranged to get him something extra special.

Next week, doctors at the Med will be turning on his Cochlear Implant for the first time.

“It’s going to be amazing,” said Krista. “They've warned me he could cry, he could be scared, he could laugh...”

Doctors say it will take a lot of time and therapy to catch Cadyn up developmentally, but his parents say they are ready help him through it.

“We are most looking forward to him being able to hear us tell him we love him. All the good mornings, all the goodnights…the things most people hear on a daily basis,” said Krista.

Cochlear Implant Surgeries are available to people of all ages, but Dr. Andrew DeJong with Texas ENT & Allergy with the College Station Medical Center is the only doctor in the Brazos Valley that's offering the procedure to children.