Deputies: Know Who's Behind Those Flashing Lights

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BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas As deputies continue to search for a man, they say, impersonated one of their own and sexually assault a woman, law enforcement says it's okay to be cautious about those flashing lights.

Investigators said the attack happened Thursday night along a dark stretch of Highway 30 near Bird Pond.

"She was approached from the rear by a vehicle that had, what she thought to be police lights," said Jim Stewart with the Brazos County Sheriff's Office.

When the woman pulled over, deputies said the man forced her into the back seat of her car and sexually assaulted her.

Stewart said if you're ever suspicious about the person who just pulled you over, make sure you know who you're dealing with.

"They have an obligation to identify themselves and prove that they are law enforcement," said Stewart.

If you have questions, Stewart suggests you roll up your windows, lock your doors and dial 911 to confirm the person who just pulled you over is a law enforcement officer.

"If they couldn't verify that, then I wouldn't open up my windows," said Stewart. "I would drive on until I got to a safe spot, or maybe another police vehicle that was properly marked."

Deputy Mark Fickey said there are ways to be cautious and protect yourself, while also complying with an officer's orders.

"You can pull over and just roll your window down just an inch or two and keep your doors locked, and still call 911 to make sure an officer is out," said Fickey. "Because an officer will always give his location and number and license plate of the vehicle that he's pulling over."

Fickey said if you do get pulled over and want to dial 911, be sure to tell the dispatcher what road or highway you're on, along with any other identifying information, such as a mile marker or cross road.

The suspect in the assault case is still on the run. Investigators said he was driving a black or dark-colored Dodge Charger with flashing lights in the grill. If you know anything, you're asked to give police a call.