Development Could Replace Texas World Speedway with Neighborhood

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BRAZOS COUNTY Built in 1968, the Texas World Speedway used to be the fastest track in the world. Mario Andretti set that record in 1973.

But 46 years later, the world speedway is old and not nearly as busy. Now, there's a proposed development that would replace the speedway with a neighborhood.

Wednesday was a beautiful day at the track with beautiful cars.

"The Lamborghinis," admits Kevin Kovatch. He and a friend are down from the Midwest for business and stopped by the track.

"It's always fun to see. It's rare that you get to see them out running at full tilt," continued Kovatch.

Texas 2k14 bringing the fast cars to Texas World Speedway. Drivers getting a chance to run one of the seven original speedways in the country.

The Texas World Speedway is starting to show her age. You can see it on the grand stands there. That's why the property owner and developer think that something more useful might be better placed here.

Something like a planned community. More than 1,300 homes, commercial space and room for an elementary school. It's a proposal that has the support from College Station Planning and Development.

"Well, I think it speaks to our growth," says Interim Director of Planning and Development Lance Simms.

"College Station for some time has had a really healthy growth rate. I think it's just right in line with that. People are looking for places to accommodate the people and folks that are coming to the area," continued Simms.

At 553 acres, the plan is projected to cost more than half a billion dollars. College Station is working on the creation of a new Municipal Utility District, since the property is outside the city limits.

The proposal doesn't sit well with race fans.

"I prefer to see tracks," said Kovatch.

"I think there are a limited number of them and every time one shuts down, it hurts enthusiasts," he continued.

Progress and growth for college Station that could be right around the bend. The developer and the city council will meet on March 27th. If given permission, they'd like to get construction going by 2015.