Haz Mat Crews Called to Diesel Fuel Spill in Bryan

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BRYAN, Texas A diesel fuel spill in Bryan caused quite a mess along Highway 6 Thursday morning.

The driver of an 18-wheeler bound for Waco from Houston said he was driving along the northbound feeder road of Highway 6, just before Highway 21, when he heard a loud noise.

The driver immediately pulled into a nearby gas station to inspect the truck. He said he saw fuel spilling from the driver side gas tank and called for help.

Bryan officials said something from the road likely flew into the gas tank and punctured it.

Bryan firefighters were on the scene within minutes, cleaning up the mess. The spill was limited mainly to a side road and the parking lot of the gas station. Haz Mat crews were also called to the scene to assess and clean up the remaining mess.

Nick Koski, an environmental compliance officer with the City of Bryan said the driver's quick thinking may have prevented the situation from getting worse.

"Once he notice the leak, he pulled the tanker truck into this location, so of course, it's all contained," said Koski. "He did the right thing."

The driver said he was carrying caustic soda, a strong base used mostly in the chemical industry.