Discussions About Area Airport Towers' Futures

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An airport in our area will have its tower remain open despite the FAA's plans to close its doors, but it's not Easterwood Airport at Texas A&M.

As reported by the Conroe Courier, Montgomery County commissioners and the Conroe Industrial Development Corporation will share funding of the tower at Lone Star Executive Airport in Conroe. That was among the 149 towers nationwide set to close starting next month because of mandated sequester cuts.

Six months of an open tower will reportedly cost in the neighborhood of $300,000 at Lone Star.

Easterwood's tower remains on the chopping block for April, with questions of the future of the airport's many operations in sort of a holding pattern as a result.

A number of local government officials who say there really haven't been any talks about money from the community being used to keep the tower going at what would probably be a cost of three-quarters-of-a-million dollars a year.

Texas A&M officials say they have discussed a number of options for the Easterwood tower's future, but adds that outside involvement in the university's airport can be challenging.