Dog Attack in Dayton Kills Woman

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Dayton, Tx A 63-year-old Dayton woman was attacked and killed by a stray dog Monday morning.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office received a call from the woman’s husband stating his wife called him from their home, in the Woodland Hills subdivision, saying she attempted to rescue their dog from a stray dog with long black hair. As she attempted to rescue her dog, the stray attacked. The dog is believed to be a black mixed breed lab with a white chest.

Dispatchers kept the husband on the phone and sent units and an ambulance to the house. When law enforcement arrived at the gate of the house they were met by a vicious looking dog covered in blood. As they approached the house the do charge them, causing Deputy McQueen to fire his weapon. Multiple shots were fired, and the deputy believes he hit the dog at least twice. The dog then ran to the back of the property and crawled under the fence vanishing into the woods.

Once inside the house officers found the 63-year-old female deceased in a pool of blood.

Deputies remain in the area looking for the dog which is considered dangerous. Residents in the area are requested to keep pets and small children inside until the dog is located.