Dog Reunites with Family after 5 Years

Sierra and Roxy are reunited after 5 years
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After five long years, a College Station woman is reunited with her long lost dog. The big surprise wasn't just the fact the pup was alive and well, but that it was located four hours away.

Roxy went missing on May 2, 2008 while Michelle Quezada was working in College Station. When she received a call a few weeks ago, she simply couldn't believe her ears.

"I said is this a joke," Quezadala laughed.

Five years ago, Quezada put flyers out, asked around and even contacted the local shelter with no luck. Since someone was now calling, asking her for personal information, she wondered if it was a scam. Little did she know, Roxy had traveled four hours away to the small community of Bangs, Texas near Abilene.

Misti Marney, a resident of Bangs saw her dog barking through the glass window and noticed Roxy outside.

"She came right up," said Marney. "I brought her in the house because I thought she was going to get hit by a car or something."

After asking around the neighborhood, Marney and her husband decided to take Roxy to the local shelter to see if she had a microchip.
Sure enough, the technology traced her all the way back to Aggieland.

"I have a dog, too and I would be lost without him," Marney smiled, "so I thought it was amazing that we were able to find who she belonged to after being missing for so long."

Quezada said she thought it was a miracle, since she had just looked at old photographs of Roxy weeks before.

"I just want them to know that from the bottom of our hearts, we are forever grateful to them," said Quezada.

Quezada said her daughter Sierra is especially pleased to have Roxy back home and strongly urges every pet owner to invest in a microchip.

"It's beneficial because it leaves that window of hope," said Quezada.

If you're interested in getting a microchip for your pet, the City of Bryan charges $10 which includes registration. Click on the link below for more information.