Dog Shot in Head Gets a Second "Chance" at Life

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CALDWELL A very friendly dog that was shot in the head, and wandered up to a family's property near Caldwell, is going to survive.

The dog named, Chance, has another chance to live.

He showed up on County Road 125 Friday in Burleson County with a wound on his head, and a swollen eye.

The family took him in, and asked a number of agencies to help, and True Blue Animal Rescue in Washington stepped forward to help and put him in their foster program.

But first Chance was taken to the Brenham Veterinary Hospital where a vet determined the one-year-old Catahoula had been shot with a .22 in one of his eyes, with the bullet exiting the back of his head.

Once an infection is cleared up, one of Chance's eyes will have to be removed.

But True Blue says Chance, who is up for adoption, was a trooper throughout the exam and treatment.

True Blue Animal Rescue President Melanie DeAeth says, "He's a miracle for sure. It definitely, it's a miracle that the way it went, he survived so that he could tell his story, so that people would know that it's not OK to do this to a dog. And I hope that anybody who heard anything can call up and tell, because they have an open case in Burleson County that they're going to try to find who did this to this dog, because this is illegal. It's wrong. It's abuse."

Chance's vet bill will be high.

You can make a donation to True Blue Animal Rescue if you'd like to help.

A link to True Blue can be found on this page.

And if you know anything about this animal cruelty, you're asked to call the Burleson County Sheriff's Office.