*UPDATE* Dog Set Afire Recovers From Severe Burns

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A young Labrador retriever intentionally set on fire in Houston that was receiving treatment at Texas A&M's vet clinic.
Today, Pier's journey to recovery took him home.

Representatives from the Houston rescue group that brought Pier to A&M picked him up and took him back to their facility.

Pier was found on February 20th near Hobby Airport.
He had been doused with accelerant and lit on fire.

Houston police are still investigating the case, and Pier is still looking for a permanent home.

HOUSTON - - A Labrador retriever that authorities say had been coated with fuel and set on fire last month has survived and is near release from a veterinary clinic.

Houston animal control officers found the dog February 20th after it had wandered for days near Hobby Airport, covered with second- and third-degree burns.

With the help of nonprofit Scout's Honor Rescue Houston, the male dog was taken to the Texas A&M University veterinary school in College Station for treatment. The group is campaigning to raise funds to defray the $25,000 in treatment costs for the dog, since named Pier.

Vet school spokeswoman Angela Clendenin tells the Houston Chronicle that Pier will be neutered Monday and could be released by next week to an Austin woman who has applied to adopt him.