Door To Door Solicitation Complaint Calls Up In College Station

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Complaints over unwanted door to door solicitations are growing in College Station.

Police are looking at ways to improve their current ordinance and want to hear from you.

News 3 is looking at concerns and learned about a neighborhoods meeting with police and city staff next week.

They can come knocking at anytime and from anywhere.

Door to door salesman and solicitors are many times uninvited guests.

Doris Watson is the President of the Bee Creek Neighborhood Association and has called College Station home since 1967.

"A couple years ago we did have somebody who was appearing and the police responded and the problem was taken care of," said Doris Watson.

While things have been quiet on her street lately, complaint calls for police have gone up across town.

From January 1st to April 26th police have received 192 soliciting complaint calls.

For the same time last year there were 120.

The biggest increases have been in the newer subdivisions on the south side.

Oksana Nekrashevych has lived in Castlegate for eight years.

"Yeah I would rather not have it at home. If I need anything I'm quite capable of going somewhere and buying something I need, so I'd rather not have any solicitors at my door," she said.

Some subdivisions have even added signs in recent years. But police want to know if any neighborhoods are having problems.

College Station Police say an ongoing problem includes aggressive solicitations. They'll be looking at ways to make the ordinance tougher.

Next week police, HOA's and interested residents are invited to attend a city meeting.

"I guess probably what most of us would like is go to the meeting. See what they have to say," Doris Watson added.

Police are waiting to hear from residents next week before commenting if recent solicitations are cause for concern.

But so far two arrests have been made for 2013, down from four over the same time last year.

The city meeting to get feedback from area neighborhoods and residents is happening next Tuesday at 6 P.M. at College Station Fire Station 6 on University Drive.

We are waiting to hear back from the city's legal department for more information on the current ordinance and rules for knocking on doors in neighborhoods with no solicitation signs.