Downtown Bryan Kicks off Mardi Gras

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BRYAN- Masks, food and fun. Mardi Gras hits Downtown Bryan!

"It's been tossed around for a couple of years and we just decided we would show people what downtown has to offer," said Cindy Roberts, event coordinator. "It's beautiful weather this time of year and Mardi Gras can be a family fun event."

The first ever celebration kicked off Saturday morning and folks young and old were getting into the spirit. What's best about the Mardi Gras celebration is that all proceeds go to two Bryan non-profit organizations: Voices for Children and Stagecenter.

"We're selling the t-shirts and there's walking tours that people can take and make donations and give back to the community," Roberts said.

"I was so excited when the Downtown Bryan Association came to us and told us we were doing Mardi Gras," said clothing store owner Elisa McMurrey. She just opened up her store, Hemline, two months ago and Mardi Gras is something she's very familiar with.

"I am originally from New Orleans," McMurrey said. "Born and raised there, so when they told us we were doing Mardi Gras I was all over it."

McMurrey said this day has not only been fun, but it's bringing in big business too.

"It's been great," she said. "I mean, we've have people coming in and out. We've got the music going. We're serving king cakes, we've got prizes. Everybody in downtown has something going on today for everyone."

She said she's thankful to live in a community that can not only have fun, but more importantly, support each other.