Dozens Shout for Justice at Hearne Protest March

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HEARNE, Texas - Dozens of people showed up in Hearne today to march in protest for an elderly woman shot and killed by a police officer.

Pearlie Golden, 93, was shot by a Hearne police officer Tuesday evening at her home. Investigators said Golden had a gun and refused to put it down.

Quanell X with the New Black Panther Nation in Houston led the march. Around 100 people marched from the Brookshire Brothers Grocery store on Post Oak Street to the police station a few blocks away.

"This is a march about humanity. This is a march about right over wrong," said Quanell.

Protesters shouted for justice as they marched.

Quanell was clear about what they want to happen.

"We want this officer fired immediately. We want him indicted for murder," said Quanell.

Police said officer Stephen Stem shot and killed Golden.

Mayor Ruben Gomez made an appearance at the demonstration. He said he know what he's going to recommend at Saturday's emergency council meeting.

"The recommendation from the mayor is that we go ahead an terminate the officer," said Mayor Gomez.

Demonstrators say the march is just what the town needed.

"It showed a whole lot to the people. That they were together and they want to try and do something about what's happening around here in Hearne," said protester Richard Boone.

Quanell said he'll be back next week to hold a town hall meeting.