Driver in 2009 Northgate Garage Death Denied Probation Release

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BRAZOS COUNTY - The driver convicted in the death of an A&M student outside a Northgate parking garage back in 2009 has been denied a request to get out of her probation early.

Alma Martinez-Cooley was behind the wheel of a pickup that struck and killed 21-year-old Lindsay Walters, an A&M student, in 2009.

Walters had been waiting on foot to pay for parking at a kiosk on the ground floor and police reports say she died almost instantly. As part of her punishment for criminally negligent homicide, Martinez-Cooley was sentenced to five years of probation along with having to serve a week each March in jail to mark the anniversary of Walters' death.

Judge Steve Smith told News 3 that he denied a request Friday in court to release the defendant from her remaining obligations. Walters' family and friends attended the court proceedings, wearing white to honor the victim.

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