Drivers Arrested With Numerous License Suspensions

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Three men were arrested for driving with several active driver’s license suspensions, according to probable cause documents.

Police say Driving While License Invalid, or DWLI, is one of the most common reasons for arrests in our area.

College Station Police say 32-year-old Donald Matulaitis was driving with five active license suspensions.

30-year-old Erick Childs was arrested last night in Bryan for driving with 20 active license suspensions.

59-year-old Sammie Ray Eldridge, a College Station resident, is accused of driving with 22 active license suspensions.

A person's license can be suspended for a number of reasons, including not having auto insurance or for alcohol-related offenses.

Police say if a person is caught driving with an invalid license, they'll most likely be arrested and then face fines. If the offenders continue to drive, the repeated arrests, fines and court costs make it even harder for the offenders to pay and clear their records.

Authorities say that driving illegally puts other people on the road at risk, so it won't be tolerated. That's why repeat offenders can face up to 180 days in jail plus a fine if convicted.