Drought Continues to Spread Across the Brazos Valley

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The weekly Drought Monitor was released Thursday morning showing worsening and spreading drought conditions.

The entire Brazos Valley is currently in some stage of a drought, ranging anywhere from "D1: Moderate" to "D3: Extreme."

The western half of our area has been classified as being in an "Extreme Drought" for the past several weeks. That will add to the 34.70% of the State of Texas that is sitting in an "Extreme Drought" -- up 2.07% from this time last week.

Bryan / College Station, Brazos County and most of the Eastern and Southern Brazos Valley -- with the exception of a majority of Trinity County and extreme Southeast Houston County -- has been upgraded to a "Severe Drought." Last week, the same areas were classified as only being in a "Moderate Drought." With severe drought spreading in, that helps add 6.55% to make for a little over 75% of Texas in, at least, a severe drought.

Currently, eleven counties of the sixteen counties in are area are under official burn bans.

Soil moisture and other data sets to determine the Drought Monitor are taken by 6am, Central Time, every Tuesday. The official release of the monitor is each Thursday by 7am, Central Time.