Marijuana Deal Takes a Violent Turn

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College Station Police said a marijuana deal took a violent turn Wednesday night when the dealer was held up by the buyers.

"If someone is chasing you with a gun you're in a panic," said Edward Harris, who witnessed the dealer hitting a parked car in in the 1300 block of Augustine Court, where he's lived since the early 1970s.

Authorities said it all started at 7:58 p.m. Wednesday when they responded to a report of suspects trying to run someone off the road. Police later discovered that the victim, Joshua Willis had been trying to sell drugs to suspects Brianna Kidd, 19 of College Station, Dreion Moore, 19 and a 16 year old male at the intersection of Harvey Mitchell and Welsh. According to police, the suspects stole the drugs from Willis at gunpoint.

Willis fled the intersection and drove through the 1300 block of Augustine Court.

One neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous said as soon as his family returned home from church, they heard erratic driving outside. “I stopped out to see where he was going because, you know, this is a cul-de-sac; we kind of know everyone who lives here and the car looked different, they didn’t belong on this street.”

After Willis and the suspects turned around, Willis struck a parked vehicle.

“Then he came over here and he actually parked in front of my house," said the resident, who did not wish to be named. "He said, 'call the police, the guy pulled a gun on me,' and I just see the other car swerve around. He immediately got on the phone to call someone else, while I was on the phone with police.”

During their investigation, police located the suspects and discovered their vehicle had been stolen from the city of Bryan. Two guns and a large number of drugs were found inside. According to Officer Kelley McKethan, the vehicle was reported stolen at 4:15p.m. on September 28, 2013 from the 4000 block of Green Valley in Bryan. McKethan said the residence is believed to be vacant. The car was parked inside an unlocked garage with the keys inside.

Then around 11:30 Wednesday night, police were once again dispatched to an aggravated kidnapping at the Southgate Village apartments. According to a witness, there was a fight in the parking lot with handguns and another witness reported that their brother was being led away by several suspects. Police said they were able to determine that this incident was connected to the aggravated robbery in Augustine Court. According to Lt. Chuck Fleeger, authorities believe a group of Willis' friends held a 31 year old College Station man at gunpoint since they believed he had set Willis up. Police arrested Enrique Pineda, 25 of Caudwell, Perry Monroe, 27 of Bryan, Milton Kearney, 23 of Bryan, Jerry Morris, 23 of Bryan for aggravated kidnapping. A third handgun was found.

“It’s out of hope by arresting all those involved sends a clear message that retribution and vigilantism is not something to be tolerated," said Lt. Fleeger. "We will certainly follow up and file any charges that we may uncover.”

The case is still under investigation. Lt. Fleeger said it is possible for more arrests to surface.

Paul Hams lives in the 1300 block of Augustine Court and commended CSPD for their extreme professionalism during the stressful situation. "I’m impressed how they conducted their business during this odd an unusual event," said Hams.

Lt. Fleeger also thanked residents for their cooperation and assistance with the arrests. “Last night it could have just been looked at as a fender bender, but the people in the neighborhood took the time to call police and notify us on what was going on," said Lt. Fleeger. "All that information proved to be successful in us locating those suspects.”