Alleged Drunk Driver Crashes into College Station Home

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Some College Station residents had a close encounter this morning after an alleged drunk driver plowed through the front of their home on Leona Drive, off Southwest Parkway.

Eyewitnesses are calling the scene incriminating -- yet a sobering reminder.

“He is too intoxicated to even be walking,” said witness Maddi Jopling. “I mean, much less driving a car down the street, it’s so crazy to see that.”

“I’m so against drunk driving,” said witness, Melanie Bass.

Maddi Jopling and Melanie Bass were inside their house when they heard the impact.

“We heard a lot of screeching and then about 5 hits,” Bass said.

“I thought it would stop after one but then it kept going and going,” said Jopling.

Immediately after …

“We ran to the window and saw that truck in the wall,” said Bass. “Never have I ever seen anything like this before; I mean I’ve seen a car accident, but never a car in a house.”

Bass and Jopling joined a crowd of neighbors and concerned residents as Leona Drive quickly transformed into the scene of a crime.

The person trying to walk a straight line for police is 21-year-old Curtis Dee Schroller. He was heading northbound on Leona Drive just before 11 Wednesday night when police say he failed to negotiate a curb.

“He drove through several front lawns, knocked over some mailboxes; came back into the roadway and hit a parked car pushing it into another parked car,” explained College Station Police Officer Jimmy Brown. “He then spun out back across the roadway and into this residence across the street.”

Thursday morning crews began cleaning up; removing brick and dry wall to replace the damaged property.

Although no one was injured, the residents tell me they were sound asleep as Schroller's pickup came plowing through their home office.

“The fact that someone would get behind the wheel intoxicated is putting other peoples’ lives in danger as well as their own, I feel is just foolish,” added Bass.

Schroller was transported to the Brazos County jail and charged with DWI.

An alleged drunk driver has been arrested for crashing into a College Station home.

Police arrested 21 year old Curtis Dee Schroller of Bryan late Wednesday night.

Police tell us that Schroller lost control of his 2011 Chevrolet pickup in the 1800 block of Leona Drive around 10:30 Wednesday night.

He hit two mailboxes and a tree before striking a parked car.

Police say the truck then slid across the road and crashed into a home on Leona Drive.

No injuries were reported but police say there was a lot of property damage.

Schroller is being charged with driving while intoxicated.