Alleged Drunk Driver Hits Off-Duty State Trooper

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BRYAN – A state trooper probably regrets not reporting a suspected drunk driver after the driver hit him.

Shortly after midnight Sunday, the trooper first spotted the Mercedes at Highway 21 and Highway 6 when the driver swerved into his lane and almost hit him. He continued to watch the Mercedes, observing it swerve back and forth. The trooper told police he considered calling to report a suspected drunk driver, but when the Mercedes slowed, the trooper tried to pass it.

As the trooper was passing, the Mercedes swerved back into his lane, causing the crash. Both cars then pulled into a parking lot at Hwy 21 and Nuches.

The trooper asked the driver, Zabir Salim Ismail, how much he’d had to drink. Ismail reportedly said he’d only had one glass of wine, but when the trooper identified himself, Ismail said he had three.

According to the report, Ismail told police he was staying at Motel 6 and had gone to the gas station to buy shampoo. Ismail reportedly said he was trying to get into the right lane so he could turn onto Nuches. He told police he only had an 8 oz. bottle of wine, but he failed the field sobriety test and was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated.