Duncan Maitland Named Research Valley Commercialization Rising Star

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RESEARCH VALLEY Dr. Duncan J. Maitland, founder and chief technology officer of Shape Memory Therapeutics Inc., was named the recipient of The Research Valley Commercialization Rising Star Award Wednesday at the Bryan Rotary Newman 10 Business Performance Awards luncheon.

The Research Valley Commercialization Rising Star Award recognizes an individual in The Research Valley for their entrepreneurial spirit and introductory work in taking ideas to the marketplace. Dr.Maitland was selected for demonstrating innovation in the commercialization of a new class of biomaterials to treat aneurysms that resulted in the launch of Shape Memory Therapeutics, Inc.

"There are people walking around with aneurysms that are untreatable...my hope is to build a company that commercializes a game-changing therapy that lessens the risks of aneurysm ruptures, increases patient safety, and makes an impact on human health care," Dr. Maitland said.

A valued member of Texas A&M University's Dwight Look College of Engineering, Dr. Maitland is a medical device engineer and entrepreneur who was recruited from California's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to Texas A&M's Biomedical Engineering Department through the support of the State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund’s Research Superiority Program. He has worked as an engineer in aerospace, national defense and biomedical applications; has nine patents; and commercialized three medical devices. Currently, Dr. Maitland has joint appointments at the Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies (TIPS) and in the Materials Science and Engineering Program at Texas A&M. As the Director of
Graduate Programs for A&M's Biomedical Engineering Program, Dr. Maitland is recognized for his dedication in training the next generation of engineering entrepreneurs.

“The Research Valley Partnership, through our innovation services and programs, has the privilege of working with Dr. Maitland on an almost daily basis. From the TIPS and Biocorridor initiatives to our engagements via Shape Memory, Dr. Maitland has and will continue to be a great ambassador for theResearch Valley in pursuit of becoming the Innovation Capital of Texas,” stated Todd McDaniel, President/CEO.