E. coli Illnesses Traced to CS Mexican Food Restaurant

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The Brazos County Health Department now says a College Station Mexican food Restaurant was the source of a small E.coli outbreak that sickened ten people a month ago.

The Coco Loco Restaurant on George Bush Drive is still open after the incidents reported over a three day period in April.

News 3 has more information from Tuesday's health department news conference about how it happened.

The open sign is still on at the Coco Loco Restaurant on George Bush Drive in College Station.

This after an E. coli outbreak.

Dr. Eric Wilke is the Health Authority for the Brazos County Health Department and says ground beef was contaminated with the bacteria.

"It's not known if it was not cross contamination from a hand that touched raw meat and then touched something cooked or was something meat slightly under cooked," said Wilke.

The restaurant has now implemented a gloves-only food handling policy.

While Coco Loco is the common connection to these E. Coli cases the Brazos County Health Department says it's perfectly safe to eat here. The restaurant was not shut down.

"I went there right before I came, I got a beef taco. So here it is," said Dr. Eric Wilke, as he ate a taco during the press conference.

While Wilke says it's safe now, that wasn't the case for 4-year-old Jack and 18-month-old Noah Melton of College Station.

The two were hospitalized for about three weeks at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston after becoming infected.

Noah is finally going home now while Jack was released Friday

"I think they are very happy that they are going to be home and with Mrs. Melton being pregnant. It's especially a good occasion to have all the boys home with them now," said the family's attorney Terry Bryant.

Vernon Smith of College Station was running errands next to the Coco Loco and is relieved to know the cause of the illness.

"Yes I'm very happy now because otherwise all the restaurants are implicated. Now we know there's only one or this one," Smith said.

A case closed for a food scare in Aggieland.

The Health Department says there is no threat to the public at this time and advises people to properly handle raw meat and wash fruits and vegetables.

The Melton's attorney says they have not made plans to file a lawsuit against the restaurant, but their hospital bills will likely be more than six figures.

We also visited Coco Loco for an interview, but they declined to comment.