ESPN College GameDay Commercial Filmed In Aggieland

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Hundreds of Aggies from all over the state were at Kyle Field taking part in a national commercial.

Texas A&M won an online contest a few months ago against other college football fans around the country to have ESPN shoot its College GameDay promo on campus.

Jimmy Simmonds is a former Texas A&M student who drove from Giddings to finally get his chance of being on one of ESPN's national promos.

"I told my daughter we were going to go. I didn't know what the plans were at that time, but I thought it would be neat to go,” said Simmonds.

Current Texas A&M students enthusiasm for the opportunity could be summed up by Jason Nitsch.

"I am prepared for GameDay for the College GameDay commercial because this is SEC country!"

Hundreds of fans waited in line for hours, toughing it out until 7 p.m. when the gates opened to the set-Kyle Field.

"Yep we are out here and hopefully we will get some water when we get outside. We might die before we get in there,” said Doug Pitts, a Texas A&M fan.

This year’s focus for the prime GameDay commercial is Midnight Yell. The plan is to have students and fans in the stands. The commercial will be a total of 30 seconds long, but fans are really excited to at least get a shot at being on the big screen.

There's a crew of about 100 people from ESPN on the field.

Although the commercial is just half a minute, it will be the prime promo for the year.

The filming is scheduled to end between 3 to 4 a.m.

The commercial is scheduled to air the first week of September on ESPN.