EXCLUSIVE: Flames Engulf Dump Truck

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BRAZOS COUNTY - If you happened to be driving on Highway 6 south of College Station Saturday afternoon, you might have seen black smoke to the west.

Just off old Highway 6 and Barker Prairie, a dump truck caught fire on a work site and our cameras were there to capture the event as it unfolded.

Witnesses on the scene tell us that the driver misunderstood the person who was supposed to be directing him backwards when he hit power lines.

Medics were dispatched at first, but incredibly, South Brazos County Fire Department officials tell us no one was injured.

Before firefighters could fully extinguish the flames, BTU crews had to deactivate the power lines.

You'll notice from the video that firefighters kept their distance while managing the blaze. SBCFD officials say the reason is two-fold: to keep their crews back in case the power lines snapped, and to prevent their crews from becoming electrical conductors via the water they were spraying.