Eagle Scout Applicant Builds Replica Footlockers for Camp Hearne

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HEARNE A big salute to a Bryan Eagle Scout applicant who had his hands full building something for the Camp Hearne Historic Site in Robertson County.

Conner Clendenin, for one of his Boy Scout service projects, built six footlockers to replicate the military issue for all enlisted men and U.S. held POWs.

He developed the project and led his volunteers in building the footlockers for display in the 1942 barracks at Camp Hearne.

Connor told News 3, "It was a great experience, I mean I learned a lot from it, how to be a leader, how to plan, just a bunch of stuff that I will need further on in life. And I can't explain the feeling that I had inside when I was bringing in the footlockers and Ms. Lazarus had a great smile on her face, and the joy inside me was unexplainable."

Kathy Lazarus is member of Friends of Camp Hearne. She said, "Our intention here will be to take these particular boxes, footlockers, and to have some that will be permanent displays, and we will have others that we will be able to take to schools and have some hands-on objects for children to play with and learn."

Camp Hearne says the footlocker replicas will add to the depiction of what it was like for soldiers bunking in World War Two barracks.