Easterwood Airport To Add Additional Flight Next Year

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In an attempt to get out of financial troubles, American Airlines picked Easterwood Airport in College Station as one of the airports to invest. The company is extending its service at Easterwood by adding an additional aircraft next year.

"We are pretty excited about it. I think it is because of the increase in traffic, and I believe it is because of going to the SEC,” said John Happ, director of Easterwood Airport.

Happ says last week American Airlines informed him that they will add an additional flight next year Dallas. The jet aircraft can carry 70 passengers.

"With our airlines struggling, all of them, in our present economy, it is pretty tough for them to start a new service right now,” Happ said.

Happ says it costs millions of dollars to start a service, but American Airlines feels confident in investing with Easterwood.

"This is part of their increasing their capacity by going to those places that can help provide more passengers that can help increase the ridership,” said Happ.

With the high demand during football season, Happ feels the airport will continue to expand its services in the future.

The additional flight will begin service on February 14th.