Easterwood Passengers have Mixed Emotions about TSA Airfare Hike

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Get ready to pay more for your airfare.

Starting Monday, the Transportation Security Administration will charge passengers a $5.60 security fee for each one-way trip. That's up from $2.50 since the TSA was formed after 9/11.

Michelle Remon flies from Florida to College Station often to visit her parents. She's afraid the costs will start to add up quick.

"Seems like they're taxing the tax payers," said Remon. "Like we don't already pay enough."

There is no cap on the amount of fees the government can charge. For flights with a layover of more than four hours, passengers will be charged an additional $5.60. So if a passenger has a round-trip flight with two layovers of more than four hours each, the passenger would be charged more than $20 in fees alone.

A good chunk of the money will go towards paying off the National Debt.

The fee hike is part of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013.

Wyatt Thomas was flying back to Washington D.C. from College Station. He said the government doesn't always spend money wisely, but the National Debt is everyone's problem.

"Any way we as Americans can cut down on the National Debt is helpful," said Thomas. "If I can chip in an extra five to try and bring our nation back to where it needs to be. If that's the smallest thing I can do, I'm perfectly willing."

Easterwood Airport Director Steve Brian said he's not crazy about a price hike for his passengers, but he doesn't think it's enough to keep people away from the airport.

"Hopefully it will not be a negative to those travelers," said Brian.

The fees will raise an estimated $12.6 billion dollars over the next decade.