Elderly Willis Woman Accused Of Stealing Thousands Of Dollars

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An elderly Willis woman has been in the Montgomery County jail since September 21, for allegedly stealing more than $50,000 from people who hired her to help them acquire legal residency documents.

Dorothy Clark Canfield, 83, is charged with third degree aggregate theft and has a bond set at $500,000.

Court documents indicate numerous victims, including a family of six had given Canfield money back in 2011. As of September 7, 2012, officials say the victims still hadn't received their permanent visas. In addition, after running Canfield's name and those of the people who had given her money through an immigration computer database, a Department of Homeland Security agent discovered she had never filed any documents.

Two months ago, under the premise of seeking assistance, an undercover officer met and paid Canfield $4,490 to help him file legal papers. As time passed, he too never received any documents from Canfield.

In 2009, Canfield served two years in prison for theft by check and in 1986, was put on probation for seven years for felony theft.