Election Officials: Don't Forget Your ID

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BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas Voters in Brazos County will head to the polls Monday for early voting, but this year, election officials say to remember your identification.

A new state law requires voters to bring a valid ID to the election polls. There are several forms of identification that will work, including a Texas Driver's License, Texas ID card, military ID, Passport, and even your concealed carry license will allow you to vote.

Included on the ballot are State Constitutional amendments, City of College Station, College Station ISD, City of Bryan and Bryan ISD elections.

Brazos County Clerk Karen McQueen said to make sure your identification matches the name and address on your voter registration card. If it doesn't, you could be faced with some delays at the polls.

"You'll be asked to sign an affidavit that says this is me," said McQueen. "There will be forms there that a voter can fill out, and the voter registrar will take that and issue them a new card."

McQueen said if you show up to the polling location without your identification, you won't be turned away, but you will be asked to vote on a provisional ballot. After that, McQueen said the voter will have six days to get an identification and take it to the voter registration office.

The early voting polls open at 8 a.m. Monday. Election officials said during the early voting period, voters can vote at any of the locations, regardless of precinct.

For a list of acceptable identifications, polling locations and times, click on the link below.