Electrical Issues Slowing Down College Main St. Construction

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BRYAN College Main Street in Bryan near Northgate was recently the site of a $2.8 million makeover, which included road work and better lighting in the area.

City officials say all the new lights are intended to make the street safer. The problem is the lights don't appear to work.

"I thought it was really nice, a really safe place, because of all the lights and it's a nice paved road. Then come to find out the lights don't come on," said Morgan McManus, a resident who recently moved to the area.

New lights were an integral part of the project that broke ground last year. The project also added new side walks, bike lanes, and a roundabout to the street.

City engineers say construction was done in the Spring as planned, but electrical issues are why the light-lined street is still dark.

"I'm thinking it's ridiculous," said Olivia Garcia.

"Occasionally one or two will be on, but they're never all completely lit. And it's kind of a hazard for everyone," said Daniel Quan.

Quan says he has to wear reflector belts when biking home, because he's afraid of getting hit by a car in the dark.

Other residents are frustrated.

"They're there for a reason and they aren't serving their purpose," said Garcia. Garcia says she doesn't feel safe walking alone at night.

City engineers say the lights are in BTU's hands, and crews are waiting for old utility poles on the street to be removed by other franchise utility companies in order to vacate the lines. BTU expects all the lights to be on within the next coupe weeks.

Officials say hold ups like this are common during construction projects, but they usually aren't as noticeable.

City officials tell us the project has been in the works for about ten years.