Elementary Students Discuss Courageous Roles of Firefighters

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If you're ever looking for a raw-honest and truthful answer, you can always count on the response from a child. Today we did just that. Following the deaths and injuries to the Bryan firefighters, we wanted to find out just how special the heroes are to kids in our community.

Flags across the Brazos Valley are flying much lower than usual; it's a visual the children at Allen Academy recognize; and Tuesday afternoon it led to a round table discussion inside Mrs. Barker's 4th grade class.

“I think they're heroes,” said 10-year-old Wilsy Ewell.

“I think a firefighter is a person who risks his or her life for someone else,” said Brent Tucker.

A discussion filled with imagination and words and people who define bravery, heroism and courage.

“Like, even though they don't know you, they're risking their lives to save yours," said Sarah Smith.

The fourth graders didn't waste any time getting to work.

“They wear the neon and red stuff so people can see them in the fire,” explained Ian McFarlane.

“In my picture, I drew a woman and this firefighter he is saving this baby from the fire and from losing his life in the fire,” Ewell said while explaining his sketch of a burning building.

Each raised valid questions...

“I feel like firefighters are heroes because, think about it, who would go into a burning building to save someone?” questioned Alexander Kalaouze.

Even pondered the “what if's.”

“Also, if your child is trapped in the building, what would you do then?” questioned Lanie Rodell.

“We live in Texas and there could be droughts and fires and without the fireman we wouldn't be able to stop the fire,” said Christopher Beckham.

“I think a firefighter is a person in the community that helps by keeping people safe by forest fires and even maybe from oil spills or gasoline spills,” said Tucker.

And if you ask Sara Smith; size doesn't matter when it comes to heroism.

“I thought they'd be big really buff guys, like Grande, or skinny short-stacks or pequeño, you know, I don't want to offend anyone,” laughed Smith.

“When I think of a firefighter I think of someone who is brave and strong and someone who is never afraid to do something,” Ian McFarlane.

“A firefighter is a person who really cares for you and about you. They are our mattresses under our heads; they save your life even though they don't know you,” said Smith.

A lesson involving unfiltered words and honest thoughts from our youngest—while talking about some of our bravest.