Ellison's Greenhouses Prepares for Last Poinsettia Celebration

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After 43 years in business, Ellison’s Greenhouses in Brenham is turning management over to a wholesale operation. That means that this year’s Poinsettia Celebration will be the last.

The 22nd Annual Poinsettia Celebration will be held on Nov. 17-18.

“This is our 22nd, and final. And I never thought I'd say final,” said PJ Ellison, Ellison’s Greenhouses President.

PJ Ellison has been working at her family's business for 19 years. She says she'll need a new job when Color Star Growers begins leasing the greenhouses in January. Color Star Growers is a whole sale operation, so the greenhouses won't be open to the public anymore.

“You walk in there and people don't realize how absolutely glorious these carpets of flowers are. It’s been a main stay of our area forever, or as long as I can remember anyway,” said Cathy Cole, a Brenham resident.

Debby Roehling has been working for Ellison’s Greenhouses for more than 30 years.

“It’s going to be the last time to see the poinsettia crop, to see the poinsettia tree with the Santa in front. It’s it,” said Roehling.

Luckily, Ellison’s growers they saved the best crop for last.

“It's a beautiful crop this year. We're going to go out with a huge bang. It's a beautiful crop,” said Ellison.