Emergency Officials: Registering your Cell Could Prove Life Saving

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BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas If there's an emergency in your area, you'd want to know. But if you're asleep or on the road, you may not get the message.

Michele Meade with Brazos County Emergency Operations said it's becoming difficult to get critical information out to the people who need it in this ever growing mobile population.

"As our residents give up those land lines because they've got their cell phones, that means the only way to reach them in an emergency is through those cell phones," said Meade.

Meade said there's now a way to register your cell phone with Brazos County. If something happens in your area, you'll get an automated call warning you of the potential danger.

The alerts can be specific to your area, like a chemical spill or fire.

"Any public planned or unplanned utility outages," said Meade. "Maybe there's roadwork in their area that would prevent them from leaving their house or getting to their house."

Meade said it's a simple way to make sure people are connected when it counts.

"This is critical. If we can't get emergency information out to the public when they need it, It's a life safety issue."

To find out more about the program, or to register your phone, click on the link added to this story.