Emotional Farewell Reception Honors TAMU President Loftin

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TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY- Sporting his signature bowtie, Texas A&M University President R. Bowen Loftin said farewell to his Aggie family.

"I''ve had my moment here at Texas A&M with you and I've cherished that," Loftin said.

Since he stepped into the president's roll in 2009, Dr. Loftin has taken campus by storm and has become beloved by students, faculty and staff.

Aggieland was shaken up when he announced his resignation in July. One graduate student said it's been an emotional roller coaster ever since.

"I was glad to see he got emotional because we've all been emotional about him leaving," said graduate student, Brittany Bounds.

The 24 president was not clear on whether he was forced to resign.

"People can say what they want to say," Loftin said regarding his resignation.

But one aspect is clear: he will be missed.

"One of the fondest memories I have about Dr. Loftin is last year at the soccer game," said Carlos Martinez, an A&M sophomore. He said he was not only able to get to know Dr. Loftin as a president, but as a humble person.

"He pulled me over and asked me to do the war hymn with him," Loftin said. "As a freshman, that was one of the coolest experiences as we won the game."

Even though his sudden departure was a surprise to many, Dr. Loftin says he's torn down boundaries and has immersed himself in the student body... Always ready to help a fellow Aggie in need.

"Until now, no president can ever see the campus through the eyes of the student, but I can," Loftin said. "That to me is priceless."

He says he'll always carry the spirit of the 12th Man with him wherever his path of life may lead.

"The university will continue," Loftin said. "It will not only endure, it will continue to get better and I'll come back."