Employee Unharmed, Back at Work After SUV Crashes into Liquor Store

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COLLEGE STATION - If you've seen the video, you've asked the question: How did she survive?

An SUV plows through the front window of a College Station liquor store, nearly running over the clerk working inside. All of it caught on camera.

The driver, 48-year-old Carolyn Elizabeth Moore, is in jail. She's being charged with Causing an Accident Involving Injury. The clerk who dodges Moore's SUV was back at work Wednesday, helping the store manager clean up the mess. Employees at Western Beverage were picking up shards of class and wiping down bottles.

Drive-thru liquor stores aren't uncommon in Texas, but last night one woman decided to take her vehicle and plow through the front window here at western Beverages. She nearly missed the clerk inside and sent glass flying everywhere.

"Yeah I don't even have a scratch," says Charlene Smith. Except for the bump on her head, she walked away from a terrifying scene untouched. She said she was sitting in a chair at the desk, printing out a page of paper work, when suddenly, there was a loud noise.

"I kind of looked up and it happened," said Smith. The "it" was Carolyn Elizabeth Moore plowing her SUV into the front window. Smith was sitting down. She was covered by shelves, glass and bottles. Her first thought?

"I've got to call the cops and call Janice," Smith laughs. Janice is the manager. She was off that night.

After a close encounter with a potentially deadly stituation, Smith doesn't necessarily believe that your life flashes before your eyes. When an SUV crashed through the window, she says her body just reacted.

Not even 24 hours after the crash, and she's is back at work.

"I mean, there's no reason not to. Plus, I mean, I feel bad. I can't leave [Janice]," Smith said. So, she's helping clean up the mess she amazingly walked away from.

Western Beverages was back open by late Wednesday afternoon. Management says they'll spend the next few days assessing the product that was damaged. They tell News 3 that it won't be a high amount. Many of the bottles didn't break.

Moore is still in jail. She's being held on $12,000 bond. According to police, she thought the vehicle was in reverse. After she crashed into the store, she backed out and fled because she was scared. Police found her vehicle nearby and arrested her. Police say Moore admitted to crashing into the store.