Englishman Biking Across North America Stops in Navasota

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When 23-year-old Englishman Dave Gill rolled into Navasota on his bike, he didn't know what to expect.

After a quick meeting with the mayor, the man who's on an 11,000 mile journey across the North American continent began his conversations with a few of the town's most colorful folks.

"After reading things like Into The Wild and On The Road, there's something about traveling through America that has become really appealing to me," said Gill.

The reason for Gill's incredible trek?

"Just a desire to have an adventure," said Gill.

Starting in New York back in November, Gill has made his way down the east coast, to Florida and is now on his way to San Diego. After that, it's north to Alaska where he'll head back east to New York. It's a tough journey but an adventure for Gill who was looking to accomplish something he could look back on forever.

"There's a physical element to the project definitely and there's also more of a look into the culture of North America. Which is why we're on a ranch in Texas," said Gill with a laugh.

And on this day, Dave got to do something he's been wanting to try since he started his journey.

"I've never shot a gun in my life so I'm really excited. I actually think it'll be good," said Gill.

Thanks to the help of Navasota resident Steve Stribling, Dave got a chance to practice his marksmanship.

"It's a big part of American culture, especially at the moment with everything going on so I've been interested to fire a gun since the start." What's it like now that you've done it? "It's quality. It's really fun," said Gill.

Dave even got his first taste of Texas barbecue and in a true gesture of Texas friendship, Dave joined in prayer to help keep him safe during his life altering journey.

"I've never really had somebody pray for me before. That was unique. It's still settling in really," said Gill.

And Dave will have plenty of time to let it set in as his journey west rolls on.

"I'm getting a good vibe from Texas," said Gill.

Now you can keep up with Dave and his journey on his web page and Facebook page. Each day, Dave posts pictures and videos of his journey to keep his family and anyone else interested up to date on his voyage.

We've got a link to both of those sites below.