Exclusive Video of an Undercover Crystal Meth Sting in Robertson County

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"It’s April 24, 2013 it's about 5:25 p.m. We are going to a location; a place we've been before. It's Scooter Hughes' residence on Iron Bridge Lane to go purchase 1 gram of methamphetamine,” said an undercover Robertson County Constable during a drug operation.

Videos taken during a six month long undercover operation by the Robertson County Constable's office show a potent crystal meth trade, and *now* they've gotten some convictions. One constable worked his way into the county's underground as an undercover operative.

Robertson County District Attorney Coty Siegert says most of the videos are of drug sales and negotiations. He says this video in particular shows a female suspect, still at large, injecting 47-year-old Douglas Herwald with drugs.

“There's a video of Mr. Herwald being injected with methamphetamine, and I believe his child was in the other room while he was doing that,” said Robertson County District Attorney Coty Siegert.

Siegert says it's that effect on innocent family members and on the community as a whole that makes this fight so important. By the end of the operation, detectives say they had enough visual evidence to issue warrants for 19 indictments against eight people.

"We are leaving Iron Bridge Lane. We picked that up [shows gram of crystal meth]. We've got a green baggie inside a clear baggie,” said the undercover constable.

In this case, the suspect in the video was convicted on three counts of manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance. The DA says he'll spend the next eight years in prison. He claims another sign of progress is the arrest, indictment, and conviction of another man, Woody Hurst on the same charges, all from the same undercover effort.

Since Coty Siegert took the reigns as the Robertson County District Attorney and says turning a blind eye won't help what he calls an uphill battle with the war on drugs.

“We may never win, but it's something we need to keep fighting because if we don't then we'll definitely lose,” Siegert said.
Robertson County District Attorney Coty Siegert says they're still looking for a female suspect. Four more suspects will be going to trial in the coming weeks.