Deadly Explosion in Afghanistan's Capital Reportedly Targets U.S. Forces

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KABUL, AFGHANISTAN News 3's Steve Fullhart and Rachel Cox from KWTX News 10 in Waco are on assignment covering Texans serving in Afghanistan.

An explosion Monday afternoon in the Afghan capital of Kabul has left a pair of civilian contractors dead, according to coalition forces.

The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) reports a "vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attack" was the method used near a prison about 10 miles southeast of Kabul International Airport, which is where ISAF is headquartered.

The contractors were not identified per ISAF policy.

CBS News quotes an Afghan official on the condition of anonymity who says foreign military forces were the target of the attack. ISAF only notes civilian casualties.

Hezbi Islami, a militant Islamic group, claimed responsibility for the attack and said they had targeted American forces with the suicide assault.

Referring to the bomber, a spokesperson for the group said in a statement quoted by the Wall Street Journal, "He has been watching them since a week and was looking for an opportunity to target the convoy, and not harm civilians. We only carry martyrdom-seeking attacks on foreigners. We don't conduct such attacks against Afghan police, army and civilians."

IJC spokesperson Capt. Ann Marie Annicelli says the last time ISAF troops were killed in or around Kabul was December 27 when three people were killed after the vehicle they were in was hit by an improvised explosive device. The United States is among the more-than-30 countries that make up ISAF.

The presidential election in Afghanistan is April 5, and tensions have been high as the date approaches, with groups vowing to disrupt the proceedings.