FBI Performs Controlled Detonation

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Houston FBI performed a controlled detonation for "potentially volatile substances," according to Special Agent Shauna Dunlap. Authorities performed the controlled detonation at 1:51 Saturday afternoon at 411 Fall River Road in the Memorial area. This is 1 of the 3 residences raided by the FBI Friday; 2 in Houston, and 1 in Bryan. All three homes are linked to a member of the Houston art community, Cecily E. Horton, and her husband, Andrew Schneck.

Dunlap said the case is sealed and could not comment any further regarding specifics; however, she did confirm authorities would remain on site the Fall River residence Saturday afternoon. The home off 1425 Villa Marie Rd in Bryan, and the other in the 2000 block of Albans near Wilton in Houston were cleared Friday.