People Bundle Up to Brave the Cold

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It looks and feels like fall is finally here.

“It's a pretty sudden difference,” said Maja Rasheed. “It doesn't seem like Texas at all right now.

“It’s’s windy!” said Natalie Arnold, a Navasota resident.

After a long hot summer, people were quick to trade in their T-shirts for warmer attire.

“I had on two jackets at one time and gloves and a hoodie,” said Arnold.

“We knew it was going to be kind of cool today so we were prepared to bundle up a little bit,” said David Adams, a College Station resident.

Others were less prepared.

“I went outside the first time with this earlier this morning, I had go back in the house and get a heavier coat and a hat to walk the dog, because it was way too cool in the morning for this,” said Ginger Lee.

But most people agreed that the cooler temperatures are a good thing.

“I've been so waiting for this weather, so it’s been great,” said Lee.

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