Family With Local Ties Views Neighborhood After Devastating Wildfire

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Some families affected by the Colorado wildfires have been allowed to return home.

That includes one family with ties to the Brazos Valley.

Last year KBTX told you about the Flowers family -- four College Station boys who lost both parents.

Their mom died in her sleep and a few months later their dad from a heart attack.

The boys moved to Colorado Springs to live with their grandmother.

Last week their home was devastated by a wildfire and this week they were able to return and view their neighborhood.

Susan Solich knew the wildfire destroyed her home, but seeing it up close was devastating.

Though her neighborhood is still evacuated she was allowed to visit what's left of her home for a few hours.

She brought along a camera to record the experience.

"There's nothing...there is my neighbor's home, intact. My other neighbors home intact...every home around me intact..this is unreal." says Solich in disbelief.

We first met Susan last week after her daughter and son-in-law died she was left to raise these 4 grandsons as well as her 16-year old daughter Hannah.

Now their home is gone.

"I was born and raised there and I've made all those childhood friends in that neighborhood and it is where I've grown up, my whole life so it was very hard to see it like that when we went back." says Hannah.

Susan's story has impacted people around the country, with hundreds coming forward with offers to help them start over.

She knows rebuilding will be difficult for the boys.

(reporter: When you realized that the home was destroyed and you realized you'd be starting over again in yet another new house how did that make you feel?)

"I don't know, I kind of felt scared." says Tyler Flowers.

"We're probably going to have hard time getting used to it, like we were used to our own house that has been burned to the ground." added his brother, Justin.

She isn't sure if she'll rebuild in her old neighborhood.

"How do you live up there? It would be like living in a Twilight Zone episode."

With so little to go back to she'll search the remains of what's left of her home for any link to her old life.

"We are gonna try and come back in the next couple days and sift through and see if we can find anything. To see it and walk down in it and kind of sifted through a few things. Yeah, it was closure it was painful but it was also a blessing to realize that we're ok and we will be ok."

As of Monday evening, the Waldo Canyon wildfire was 70-percent contained.

The focus is on getting people back into their homes as soon as possible.

- Click here to visit the Facebook page set up for the family
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To send clothing, checks and/or gift cards to the family:
PO Box 6428
Colorado Springs, CO 80934