Fans Buy Johnny Football Gear Before The Heisman Award

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Fans are happy to get their hands on anything with the number two on it.

Tammy Barrier is Christmas shopping and stocking up.

"Oh my god it's amazing, I mean look the hottest thing in football and he's ours," said Tammy.

A true fan, Barrier bought a house here in Aggieland so that she could visit and watch the football games on the weekends.

The number two represents Johnny Manziel, Quarterback for the Texas A&M football team. It's against NCAA rules to advertise anything with college players' names on it, unless it's approved. So the player's number is the next best thing.

And business at Aggieland Outfitters is booming having already sold thousands of number two merchandise.

"We've got the number two t-shirts in and we've got some black and white jerseys so we're ready to rock and roll here," said Dallas Shipp, Director of Marketing.

There are boxes of shirts are rolling in, but on Saturday night the company plans to be the first to offer the official Heisman trophy winner shirts, if Johnny Manziel wins.

Management says they have been planning for weeks in advance, in case Johnny Football takes the big prize.

"Anything with A&M you have to get approved by Texas A&M anything with the word Heisman on it or the Heisman trophy on it has to get approved by the Heisman trust," said Shipp.

Amy Bacon drove in from Houston to get her special Aggie gear.

"This is Christmas shopping. I'm getting this for my husband, my daughter has one and I think he's a little jealous," said Bacon.

Aggie fans will keep their eyes and ears open in hopes of possibly having the next Heisman winner.