Fans React to the Manziel NCAA Investigation

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A day after ESPN broke the news that the NCAA is investigating Johnny Manziel, football fans say they can't believe the first-ever freshman Heisman Trophy winner is allegedly in trouble again.

Johnny is accused of signing his autograph on hundreds of pictures and sports memorabilia for a flat five-figure fee.

However, Aggies in the area have mixed opinions about whether or not Manziel is to blame.

"Great potential and he's blowing it," said Carol Koenig.

"News reporters, ESPN - anyone like that - is just looking for something to write about and looking for something wrong. They're just picking and prying at his life," said Katy Kowis.

We caught up with Austin Smeltzer moments after he bought his Student Sports Pass. He says the allegations shouldn't be an issue to begin with.

"You know, football brings a lot of money into the school. I guess you could say he's not really getting compensated for that a whole lot. I think there should be some modifications to those rules," said Smeltzer.

"I'm just totally crushed by this," said Wendell Koenig, A&M class of '59. Koenig and his wife have been following Manziel's rise to fame from the beginning.

"There was a responsibility carried with it that he seems to be ignoring. It's sad," said Carol Koenig.

The NCAA investigation will reveal if Johnny Football really sold his signatures.

For now, Aggies across the country are just hoping he'll be allowed to play this season.