Fast-Growing Businesses Honored with Newman 10 Awards

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A local real estate company that has seen big growth over a three-year span picked up the top honor at the 2013 Bryan Rotary Club/Newman 10 Awards.

At a luncheon held Wednesday at the College Station Hilton Hotel and streamed live at, Cortiers Real Estate was honored along with nine other businesses who have shown the biggest sales growth in Brazos County from 2010 to 2012.

Headed up by James Murr, Cortiers was founded in 2008, and from 2010 to 2012, has seen a 327% sales growth.

It was a family affair at the 20th edition of the awards. James Murr's mother, Fran, and her business, Hotel Solutions, Inc., earned seventh place on the top ten list with a 74% sales growth.

For the fifth year, JB Knowledge Technologies, Inc. was part of the Newman, earning fourth place in 2013.

Davis & Davis Lawyers, P.C. picked up the Anco Insurance Award for Lifetime Business Achievement as the law firm celebrates 50 years of service.

Dr. Duncan Maitland earned the Research Valley Rising Star Commercialization Award. He is the founder and CTO of Shape Memory Therapeutics Inc., which works on biomaterials used to treat aneurysms.

The keynote speaker at this year's awards was Drayton McLane, the chairman of the McLane Group and the former owner of the Houston Astros baseball team.

Newman Printing Company, Inc. is the primary financial underwriter of the awards program.


Bryan Rotary Club/Newman 10 Award Winners for 2013

1. Cortiers Real Estate (326.81% sales growth)

2. Otis Instruments, Inc. (152.31% sales growth)

3. BCR-Brazosland Classic Realty (103.30% sales growth)

4. JB Knowledge Technologies, Inc. (102.59% sales growth)

5. The Pool Guy (96.57% sales growth)

6. Aggieland Green, Ltd. (82.45% sales growth)

7. Hotel Solutions, Inc. (74.32% sales growth)

8. The Sleep Station (52.51% sales growth)

9. Swoboda Pest & Termite Control (50.28% sales growth)

10. Aerofit Health and Fitness Centers (50.17% sales growth)