Female Student Allegedly Assaulted on Blinn College Campus

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BRYAN- Police at Blinn College are warning students to be extra cautious after an alleged assault on campus Thursday morning.

Blinn spokesperson Richard Bray says a female student was in the parking lot in front of the campus bookstore when a man walked up to her and touched her inappropriately."

The woman apparently screamed and the man walked away.
Bray says the woman then notified campus police. "We have a tremendous record of success in terms of keeping our students safe and making students feel safe when they're here on campus. But at the same time whenever an incident like that takes place on campus we want to able able to respond quickly, " Bray says.

Bray says students, faculty and staff were immediately notified of the incident through Blinn College's website, e-mail and text system. He believes this attack is an isolated incident. Bray says, "We don't expect it to be a repeated incident, we wanted to inform our faculty and staff and let everyone know about it."

Campus police are urging students to be aware of their surroundings and to walk in pairs or in a group when going to your vehicle.