Feral Hogs Cause Accident Involving Burleson Co. Sheriff's Deputy

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Going hog wild has a whole new meaning when traveling the back roads of Texas, including Burleson County, where feral hogs are causing safety problems.

Jim Thigpen says he deals with feral hogs on a daily basis on his property near Somerville.

"We lose probably 10 to 15 acres a year through the damage caused by hogs when they pass through," said Thigpen.

Thigpen says wild hogs seem to show up and leave their mark when its dry outside. He says the herds are most active at night, so they're difficult to find and catch. A wild hog can weigh more than 400 pounds.

County officials say wild hogs have been an ongoing problem for years. Saturday night, a Burleson County Sheriff's Deputy crashed into a herd of hogs on FM 60.

Officials say the sheriff's deputy is ok, but accidents involving feral hogs have led to serious injuries in other parts of Texas.

Jim Thigpen is frustrated, because his hog traps can't keep up with the growing hog population.

"They could be bedded down right now on the other side of that fence, and you'd never know it, you'd never see them. But you can see the damage they do tomorrow," said Thigpen.

Feral hogs can be found almost everywhere in Texas, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Experts estimate there are more than a million wild hogs across the state.