Caldwell Fifth Grader Sells Shirts for Beloved, Grieving School Counselor

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CALDWELL, Texas - A Caldwell 5th grader, with a little determination and a lot of spunk, designed a t-shirt to help a school counselor who recently lost her husband and daughter.

Since Paige Odenbach was in third grade, counselor Karla Devin has helped her through some of the toughest of early-school year troubles.

"She's a very nice and kind lady," said Odenbach. "And she really helps anyone that needs it."

Devin lost both her husband and daughter, Mac and Noel, one terrible night in April. Their accused killer was released from prison just days before.

Odenbach wanted to do something for Devin, the counselor she respects so much.

"I just got a piece of paper and drew a shirt. And was thinking about what the front and back could say," said Odenbach.

She designed a t-shirt with the words "Got Love" on the front, and "In memory of Mac Devin and Noel Devin" on the back. All the money she makes from sales of the shirt will go to the Mac and Noel Devin Scholarship funds.

Caldwell ISD Interim Superintendent Timothy Cuff said he didn't think twice about helping Odenbach out with the idea. Shirts have been sold on the elementary, intermediate and high school campuses.

So far, Odenbach has raised around $2,000 for the Mac and Noel Devin Scholarships, but they're hoping that number will go higher.

Cuff said working at the school district is like working with family.

"And that's what it's all about, is taking care of family members when the time of need is there," said Cuff.

Cuff said the shirts are a small way to help Devin with the healing process.

"And when she sees the shirts, she thinks what a great way to bring honor to her husband and to her daughter."

To find out how to purchase a shirt, contact Caldwell Intermediate at 979-567-4266.